Our Doctors at Advanced EyeCare Centers have a passion for contact lenses. We specialize in fitting all types of contact lenses from 1-Day disposable contacts to the most involved including post-refractive surgery lenses. Our advanced corneal topography instruments aid our doctors in fitting keratoconus and other difficult to fit eyes.

Each office is equipped with trial fitting sets of the newest Gas Permeable & Soft Multi-focal contact lens. Our doctors are also trained to fit Scleral lenses as well as Hybrid contact lenses.

Our Clinics offer complete contact lens services with many lenses brands of soft lenses in stock for same day fitting and supply. We offer direct shipping of your soft lenses to your home or office for added convenience. And remember that an annual supply of contacts come with Patient Rebates that will save you money and time as well as ensure a healthy contact lens wearing experience.

Contact lenses have been around for more than a hundred years. During that time, many advancements have allowed just about everyone to wear contact lenses. If you were told in the past that you couldn’t wear contact lenses, odds are that’s not true today. There are more convenient and healthy contact lens options than ever.

If you’re new to contact lenses, your first step is to see an eye doctor in the United States, contact lenses are a prescription item, just like pharmaceuticals. Contacts must be prescribed and properly fitted by your eye care professional.

Our Doctors evaluate your visual needs, your eye structure, and your tear production to help determine the best type of lens for you. There are many different types of lenses available; Daily Disposable Lenses (Discard after 1 day wear), Disposable Lenses (Discard every 2 weeks or sooner), Frequent Replacement (monthlyor even quarterly replacement), and Traditional Lenses (Discard every 6 moths or longer).

Our Doctors fit contacts for Dry Eyes, Colored Lenses, Multifocal lenses, Hybrid lenses, Scleral and CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) lenses.

Which lenses are the best for you? The doctor is skilled in evaluating your eye’s physiology, and your eyesight, to determine which lens best satisfies your eye’s needs.