Our Clinics offer complete optical services including over 800 Designer & Fashion frames at each of our Clinics. Our expert opticians will individually select the frame and lens package that will meet your meet you individual life-style and work needs. We guarantee that your new eyewear will fit you properly so you will see better and look better. Each office offers an array of specialty frames and lens options including sunglasses from Oakley®, Bolle® & Maui Jim® to name just a few. Additionally, each location offers In-Office Laboratory services for precision lens edging and frame repair. Great Service is our foundation for 100% Patient Satisfaction.

Designer Frames:

Which eyeglass frames are the must-have looks of the season? Check out the trends. Fashion Designers aren’t limited to apparel any more. They create some of the most tempting colors, patterns, and shapes, often seen on notable figures such as celebrities, athletes, as well as everyday people! Influences in these designs come from nature, architecture, clothing and other inspirational sources.

Whether you are classically inclined, an outdoor enthusiast, have ‘natural’ instincts, or are trend obsessed, we probably have that look you’re looking for! While we do have numerous specific Designer frame brands, we also carry an amazing selection of some of the highest quality independent manufacturers on the market today. We can easily accommodate most tastes and styles with a multitude of different choices!

Progressive Lenses:

If fine print keeps getting fuzzier, you may have presbyopia, a common condition that used to be corrected with bifocal or trifocal lenses. These ‘lined’ lenses let you focus on both near and distant objects, but everything in between was blurred. Conventional bifocals and trifocals can cause images to “jump” as vision adjusts from far to near. Progressive lenses, or “no-line” bifocals, eliminate this distracting effect. Progressives use advanced technology to ensure sharp sight from any distance.

And now, with today’s technological advances, we’ve even seen the development of a customized progressive lenses. This new technique analyzes and then simulates the way your eyes see. Then patented Integrated Double Surface design process (IDS) shapes your new lenses exclusively for the way you view the world. It’s the first technology to shape your lens design on both the front and back surface, which results in more comfortable transitions between near and far distances, noticeably wider viewing zones, and the virtual elimination of blurring and swaying sensations in your peripheral vision. Available in most every material, wearing to these lenses is extremely easy and very convenient.


Sunglasses are essential for preventing sun damage to your eyes; at the same time, they can improve your vision and help you make a unique fashion statement. And now you don’t have to sacrifice fashionable style or high-level sports performance, even if you want prescription sunglasses. Some of our sunglasses include Oakley, Maui Jim, Kaenon, and Rudy Project, as well as Michael Kors, cK, Kate Spade and Carrera. Whether you’re looking for Designer, Sport, Function or Fashion, with the multitude of different companies and brands making prescription and non-prescription, we’ve got you totally covered… from the sun!