Advanced EyeCare Centers uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat your vision problems. Non-invasive imaging of the retina is used to diagnose and document retinal changes over your lifetime.

The Zeiss Atlas Topographer is used to map the cornea for diagnosis of corneal pathology and contact lens fitting. The Atlas also can perform wave front analysis for Lasik candidates.
The Zeiss GDx is used to analyze the optic nerve retinal layer for early diagnosis & tracking of glaucoma changes.
The Zeiss Matrix is used to detect subtle visual field loss in early glaucoma and neurological diseases.
The Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer is used to accurately map visual field loss due to glaucoma, trauma, or neurologic disease.
Nidek Fundus Cameras are used to diagnose and document retinal conditions including glaucoma, retinal melanoma & other diseases.
Nidek autorefractors and keratometers are used in pre-testing to determine a patient’s refractive error and corneal curvatures.